WOW: World of Westland, international knowledge centre for horticulture

On 13 September 2016, construction of WOW, the new international knowledge centre for horticulture, was initiated. Student symbolically traced the surroundings of the new WOW-building with ribbons. Together with approx. 200 other invitees, Holland Scherming attended this festive ceremony.

Demokwekerij builds all climate greenhouse

WOW, World of Westland, is part of GreenportHortiCampus Westland. Three organizations will collaborate in this project: MBO Westland, Demokwekerij Westland and GFFX. As a participant of Demokwekerij, Holland Scherming looks forward to the new all climate greenhouse with interest. This new greenhouse will open next September.

“In the newDemokwekerij Westland, the organization has planned an ‘all climate greenhouse’. In this greenhouse we can simulate climates from all over the world”, according to Peet van Adrichem, general manager of Demokwekerij Westland on Dutch greenhouse newssites GroenteNet and SierteeltNet.

WOW is a great initiative that will support international focus on the Westland-area. With this centre, we can present the huge amount of knowledge and expertise of horticulture that is present in this particular area of the Netherlands.