Shade screening

In general

On warm, sunny days, the sun protective funtion of your garden centre’s screening installation is essential. A shading screen provides a nice and comfortable shopping climate that makes your customers feel at home. And what about your plants? They benefit from tempered UV radiation.

A good sun protective screening installation protects the leaves of your plants from burning. It also reduces the need to water your plants, because of a considerable reduction of moisture evaporation. However, your plants appear fresh, healthy and attractive.

  • Indoors, combined with the decorative funtion of the screening installation.
  • Outside, roofing your outdoor plants (abri cloth).
  • As an outside roof roller screen installation.
    Recenlty, shading screens are used in garden centres as an outside roof roller screen installation. In the end, sun protection outside the building remains the most effeciënt way.
  • UV-stable
  • Flame retardant
  • Energy saving
  • Open structure for usage near venting windows

Advantages sun protective screening

  • Maximum shading

    Depending on the type of screen cloth, a light transmittance of 45 to 75% can be reached.

  • Climate control

    A comfortable climate in your garden centre, for your customers and your plants.

  • Flame retardant

    Safety first: Holland Scherming screening installations meet the legal standards regarding fire safety.

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