Screen installations in foil greenhouses at RuBa Baers in Kevelaer (Germany)

Screen installations in foil greenhouses are seen more and more often. In 2017, Holland Scherming installed shading screens in this double-skinned, hi-tech foil greenhouse at RuBa Baers.


Horizontal, pull-cable driven screen installation. To protect young potted plants from intense sunlight on mid day, Bonar’s Phormitex 44  screen material was used. Besides shading, this screen material also has thermal properties. The insulating value protects young plants during cold periods.

Focus points

It is common to install a screening installation on the upper beam of the truss. Unfortunately, this wasn’t possible in this greenhouse because of fixation cables and movable heating. We also had to improvise and come up with taylor made solutions where drainage and other installations were obstructing the screen installation.

Include the screen installer in the greenhouse design proces for optimal integration

Name any greenhouse type or situation and we’ll find a solution to install greenhouse screens in a proper and efficiënt way. However, sometimes there could have been a faster, cheaper or easier way. Therefore we advice you to include as in the design proces of a new greenhouse as soon as possible. This gives us the chance to coöperate and create the best integration between greenhouse and screen installation. In the end, this will result in huge savings on installation time or taylor made solutions or parts.