Renovation push-pull screen installation at  Lemberghof in Erdmannhausen (Germany)

In the late nineties of the 2oth century, Holland Scherming installed a new push-pull screen installation at Gärtnerei Lemberghof in Erdmannhausen, Germany. In 2017, more than 15 years later, we replaced the screen material and added a second screen. Lemberghof grows herbs like mint and basil.


The push-pull system that drives the horizontal screen installation, still works like a charm, even after more than 15 years. However, the screen material needed replacement for a while now, so a new type of shading screen was installed: Harmony 4215 O FR by Ludvig Svensson.

Focus points

Besides shading, Gärtnerei Lemberghof also wanted thermal screens to protect the herbs during cold nights. But space was limited, because the greenhouse is low and has lots of small sections. Therefore we couldn’t fit in two  screens vertically. The solution was to install the second screen installation on the same wirebed, but with an extra push-pull drive. Now Lemberghof can choose to close either the shading screen or the energy screen, or no screen at all. The original push-pull drive will definitely last for another 15 years!