Custom made assimilation screen for research greenhouses  Bayer Crop Science ‘s-Gravenzande (NL)

For one of the research departments of Bayer Crop Science in ‘s-Gravenzande, The Netherlands, Holland Scherming installed a perfectly sealed assimilation screen. In this department, Bayer performs tests on lettuce seed breeding. Besides that, cultivation takes place according to the hydroponic-system: the hydroponic lettuce solely grows on water with additional fertilizers but without substrate.  The plants grow under led. Due to regulatory requirements on light emission, a perfect light seal is a must.


Horizontal and roller screen installation with assimilation screens. Drive: pull cable installation with a sustainable knotted cable to obtain smooth winding.

Focus points

At the front wall, there wasn’t enough room for the upper roller screen. Therefore, part of the installation is situated outside the section. With the aid of sheet metal parts, a perfect light seal was created.