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On these pages, you’ll find the latest news on greenhouse screening systems. We write about our projects, exhibitions and fairs, but we also collect interesting news from various media. These post usually speak of greenhouse screening innovation, like the Next Generation Growing (Het Nieuwe Telen in Dutch). But we’ll write about other developments in horticulture, garden centres, international turn key projects or shading in public buildings as well.

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Why it’s worth to replace greenhouse screens on time

Growers often wait too long to replace greenhouse screens. However, replacing them on time will give you great advantages, like better light output.

Again, Boem Berry Farms Canada chooses Holland Scherming’s Smart Skate System

After a succesful project in 2016, again Boem Berry Farms in Canada chooses Holland Scherming's Smart Skate System for their second greenhouse project.
thermal screen for energy efficient greenhouse

Come celebrate our 30th anniversary on IPM and join our contest to win an iPAD mini

In 2017, Holland Scherming celebrates her 30th anniversary. We will celebrate this at IPM, so come to booth 3C23 and win an iPAD mini!

Urban farming: greenhouse on roof hotel Amstelkwartier

In Amsterdam, a special urban farming project is created. On the 22nd floor (at a height of 77 meters) of the sustainable, luxurious Hotel Amstelkwartier, Havecon is building a greenhouse.

Holland Scherming expands capacity

Dutch installer of greenhouse screens Holland Scherming is doing really well. The company celebrates their 30th anniversary in 2017 and looks at the future with great confidence. To continue providing the service the clients of Holland Scherming are used to in the near future, the company will expand their capacity over the next few months.

WOW: World of Westland, international knowledge centre for horticulture

On 13 September 2016, construction of WOW, the new international knowledge centre for horticulture, was initiated. Student symbolically traced the surroundings of the new WOW-building with ribbons. Together with approx. 200 other invitees, Holland Scherming attended this festive ceremony.
dni ogrodnika 2016 poland

DNI Ogrodnika – XVIII Gardeners Days Poland – 10 & 11 september

On 10 and 11 September 2016, the 18th edition of DNI Ogrodnika - Gardeners Days in Poland will be held in Gołuchów, Poland. Like the past few years, Holland Scherming will attend this fair by presence at the booth of Polish partner Jaksa.

Chinese students updated on greenhouse screening

On 15 April 2016, a group of 15 Chinese students took a tour at the production location of Holland Scherming to learn about greenhouse screening

New climate screen Svensson for diffuse light

Onlangs introduceerde Ludvig Svensson een nieuw klimaatscherm voor nog betere lichtspreiding. Met het nieuwe Harmony scherm, dat op termijn de oude soorten volledig zal vervangen, wordt lichtspreiding nog verder geperfectioneerd.

Holland Scherming introduces new screen inserting system

Holland Scherming proudly presents their new screen inserting system, Triple S Smart Skate System, which can pull in or change screen material in a quick and safe way.
Logo expo agroalimentaria 2015

Dutch foil greenhouse screening at Expo Agroalimentaria 2015

Find out about the posibilities of screening systems in a Mexican foil greenhouse and visit Expo Agroalimentaria 2015.
Insecten gaassystemen van Holland Gaas

Holland Scherming new participant Demokwekerij Westland

As per 1 October 2015, Holland Scherming and Holland Gaas will participate in Demokwekerij Westland. Through this participation, the companies would like to expand their network and bring their knowledge and products to the attention of international horticultural companies.
Holland Scherming installeert 6,6Ha belichtingsscherm bij Prominent-lid Kwekerij Rimato

Holland Scherming installs new assimilation screens at Rimato

It is mid September and Holland Scherming is about to finish installing new blackout screens at Dutch tomato grower Rimato in Honselersdijk. As per 1 October, they switch to year-round cultivation with assimilation lights.

High energy savings with the use of super-insulation screens: Kas als Energiebron

Wageningen University (WUR) published a new report on greenhouse screening. WUR has done research on the use of high insulation screens at cucumber cultivation. The test results are very promising; in comparison to a normal greenhouse with a single energy screen, 44% less energy was used to heat the greenhouse from January till May.
Holland Scherming at XVII Gardeners' days Goluchow, Poland

Exhibition: XVII Gardener’s Days Goluchow

On 12 and 13 September 2015, the 17th edition of Gardener's Days is held in Goluchow, Poland. Like in 2014, Holland Scherming and Holland Gaas will be present at the booth of our partner Jaksa Nowe Technologie.

Svensson – Time to Consider Double Screening?

With double screening, you double your ability to heat, cool and light on demand, because with the touch of a button you’re able to expand or retract curtains in any combination to provide the best climate possible for your crop.

Comfortable working environment with sun screens in atrium

With the upcoming summer, spaces under glass roofs can be pretty hot. This is why Holland Scherming starts installing a shading system in the atrium of the Zeist city hall this week. The new shading will provide an even better working environment for the employees and visitors of the city hall.

Holland Scherming locally represented in Canada

For years, Holland Scherming has been involved in international…