New climate screen Svensson for diffuse light

Recently,  Ludvig Svensson introduced a new climate screen for a better light distribution. With this New Harmony screen, that eventually will replace all the old varieties, light distribution has been further perfected. Svensson developed Harmony for growers looking for a combination of shading and light distribution to realise a better growth of their crops. This provides all the benefits of diffuse light, but on an even higher level.

What is diffuse light?

Diffuse light is distributed light that reaches further into the heart of the crop. Sun and shade flow together into a uniform diffused light.

Benefits climate screen and diffuse light

Diffuse light leads to more active plants, which efficiently uses sunlight. This again leads to better crops and higher yields.

Lichtniveau met klimaatscherm op diverse locaties in de kas

New harmony (pink) vs Harmony (grey)  (light levels on different locations in the greenhouse)

Benefits of the New Harmony climate screen

  • Less risks of burns on the upper side of the plant
  • Orderly growth
  • More intense colours
  • Faster growth
  • Better working conditions
  • Stronger and healthier crops

Doeksamples en meer informatie

Op dit moment is een groot deel van de Harmony schermdoeken al verkrijgbaar in de nieuwe variant. Wilt u meer informatie over het New Harmony klimaatscherm of samples aanvragen? Bel met een van onze verkoopadviseurs op 0174-516180, of vul onderstaand contactformulier in.