Triple S smart skate system

The easier way to fit and change the screen cloth

Major efficiency gains can be achieved, especially at the stage of retracting the fabric. Holland Scherming proves it with the Triple S system.

It is a clever invention of a continuous plastic profile that is attached to the truss with a clamp. This eliminates the need for screen installers to walk every path to assemble the fabric; placement of a rafter clamp every 40 cm is sufficient.

Then the screen can be ‘zipped’ in from the ground from side wall to side wall. This not only saves a lot of time during installation, the Triple S fabric retraction system also responds to the growing need for safety. After all, greenhouses are getting taller. This requires preventive measures that can guarantee the safety of technicians.

The advantages are also attractive for the grower. For all horizontal screens, an ideal connection between the screen and the facade is now guaranteed. That means: perfect light and energy density.

And will the screen have to make way for a new one in a few years? Then a fabric change can be carried out much more efficiently. Technicians no longer have to maneuver between the crop. Something that has long been no longer an option in certain crops, such as strawberries.

Changing screens in a double or triple installation with three above each other is also much easier with the Triple S system. The system can be used with screens from any fabric supplier.

Triple S smart skate system Holland Scherming