Custom screens

Project preparation

Tailor-made for any greenhouses with any specs
Greenhouses are increasingly being designed to meet growers’ individual needs. That makes integrating a screening system quite complicated – unless the grower opts for Holland Scherming, that is! Designing custom greenhouse screens is second nature to us.

We respond to non-standard greenhouse specs by producing a fully customised screening system. We can therefore come up with the perfect solution for even the most technically complex situation, by working in close collaboration with the greenhouse builder. Together we come up with the perfect solution for your needs.

Maximum reliability is a top priority in custom systems. We therefore share the project specifications of our screening systems with the greenhouse builder who will be installing them. They will then calculate the stability of the greenhouse using the software package Casta.

Even with a custom feature such as an outdoor screen, Holland Scherming takes no risks whatsoever. As systems such as these can’t be calculated in Casta, we have them calculated and certified by the independent research organisation TNO. This gives you the assurance that your installer will install your screen with the right blend of creativity and thoroughness – no matter what type of greenhouse you have.