Greenhouse screening innovation

Ever since Holland Scherming was founded in 1987, we have invested in product innovation. Almost all parts of our screening systems were developed and produced in-house. A good example are the Multiclip and other wire processed parts with multiple integrated functions.

Our developers are continually trying to devise custom solutions for non-standard projects. Whether it is a specific part of a renovation or a complete installation for a glass structure: Holland Scherming provides a suitable solution. Faster screen cloth switches, less light interception, smaller cloth packages and longer service life for our screen systems are the challenges that our developers are working on on a daily basis. In addition to technical innovation, Holland Scherming also works on aesthetic solutions, which results in a fully integrated screening system with the roof of your garden centre or atrium.

Why innovate?

  • Developping new products

    By developping new products, Holland Scherming ensures to have a fitting solution that meets today’s demands of the greenhouse industry regarding screening systems.

  • Improving existing products

    Existing products, which have proved their functionality in recent years, can be improved by innovation. By using new materials and techniques these products will continue to meet the current standards for screening systems.

  • Cost reduction

    Innovation helps Holland Scherming develop new parts with multiple functions or parts that are easier to mount. This ensures, among other things, systems with fewer parts which leads to significant cost reductions.

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