Triple S smart skate system

The easier way to fit and change the screen cloth

Inserting a new screen cloth can be made a lot more efficient, as Holland Scherming’s Triple S system shows.

This is a clever invention consisting of a continuous plastic profile that is attached to the truss with a clip. This saves the screen installers from having to pass down each aisle to install the cloth; one truss clip every 40 cm is plenty.

Then they can simply ‘zip’ the screen in from side wall to side wall from the ground. This Smart Spring insertion system not only dramatically reduces installation time but also responds to the growing need for safety. Greenhouses are becoming ever taller, which calls for preventive measures to ensure the safety of the installers.

There are plenty of attractive advantages for the grower too. Now a perfect connection between the screen and the wall is guaranteed for all horizontal screens, producing a flawless light and energy seal.

And should your screen need replacing in a few years’ time, that can also be done much more efficiently. There’s no need for installers to manoeuvre between the crops – something that is no longer an option in many crops, such as strawberries, these days.

The Smart Spring system also makes changing screens in a double or triple screening system much easier and it can be used with screens from any manufacturer.

Triple S smart skate system Holland Scherming