Smart Spring system

More light in the greenhouse

Maximising light levels is always a top priority in vegetable production. And even if a crop can manage without a screening system, light interception has to be kept to a minimum. To respond to this, Holland Scherming has developed a unique spring system: Smart Spring, the ideal connection between the profile and the pull wire.

The procedure is simple but ingenious. The Smart Spring moves in two directions, so the system pulls the package against the truss under tension. Unlike a conventional slip block, there is no loss of resilience over time. This results in minimal light interception – particularly useful for crops for which screen packages are measured in centimetres. For example, a 2 cm smaller package reduces light interception by around 40 m2 per hectare.

Smart Spring system Holland Scherming
Smart Spring system Holland Scherming

What’s more, the Smart Spring system finally puts an end to two well-known problems: irregularities in the greenhouse structure and greenhouse expansion. The Smart Spring system compensates for any expansion and always guarantees good closure throughout the greenhouse, even in the rearmost sections in very long greenhouses. The system can be integrated into any greenhouse, provided that the structure is optimised for the greater tensile forces exerted by the system.

The Smart Spring system is therefore ideal for crops requiring light maximisation. For other crops, the slip block, which we also supply, is a cost-efficient solution.