Holland Scherming new participant Demokwekerij Westland

Press release

As per 1 October 2015, Holland Scherming and Holland Gaas will participate in Demokwekerij Westland.  Through this participation, the companies would like to expand their network and bring their knowledge and products to the attention of international horticultural companies.

Holland Scherming participant demokwekerij Westland

About Holland Scherming

Holland Scherming is part of Holland Groep Westland, situated in Maasdijk at the gate of the Westland area. We are a modern and ambitious organisation, founded in 1987 and specialized in developing and installing screening systems. We serve end users and turn key projects in the greenhouse industry, garden centres, wholesale and constructors of customized buildings. Our projects vary in size and we operate on an international basis. Holland Scherming has helped defining quality standards for greenhouse screen systems. We can count ourselves proudly as one of the three largest screen installers in the world.

About Holland Gaas

Holland Gaas has years of experience with mesh systems in various types of greenhouses . These mesh systems are supplied and/or fitted globally. Together with the client we look for the optimum balance between ventilation , pest control and light interception . The folded shape of our mesh system provides better ventilatio,n because there is a larger exchange surface. A small foldable package ensures low light interception. Holland Gaas systems are available in many different sizes and mesh openings and are made of quality materials. The tailor-made mesh systems are usually provided with specific rubber strips , guides and profiles, constructed in our in house confection department. This way we can quickly respond to new developments and special situations. Our organisation has an informal structure . Through these short lines, we are able to respond quickly to new customer needs to coöperate on customizing or developing new systems.


More information?

logo-demokwekerijPlease visit our booth at the Demokwekerij, or use our contact page.