Flame retardant screens

    You don’t want to worry about the fire safety of the screen fabric when choosing a screening installation that adds atmosphere, gives better sun protection or higher energy savings for your garden centre.

    Holland Scherming offers screening installations that meet the highest European requirements regarding fire safety. The installation will be delivered under CE standardization.

    • Combined function

      Fire safety does not compromise a good atmosphere. You simply choose the screen that has the look that fits your garden center. Holland Scherming provides a screen that meets the requirements regarding fire safety.

    • Certified

      We deliver fire safety certificates along with our screening installations.

    • Flame retardant

      Safety first: Holland Scherming’s decoration screens meet the legal requirements on fire safety (DIN-EN-13501-1/NTA 8825-2010).

    Would you like advice on a screening solution for your garden centre that’s flame retardant? Call or mail us now!