Service and maintenance

    Does your screening system work like it should? Is your screen cloth still effective or representative, or did the fabric get dirty or damaged over the years? Together we can take a good look at the options for repair, renovation, cloth changeover or even replacing your whole screening system.
    Holland Scherming obtains materials from and components from reputable suppliers. Our view on in-house developped and produced parts is, that they can be used trouble-free for a length of years.

    Although it’s not what we aim for, a malfunction can not be ruled out completely. Contacting us through e-mail or by phone is sufficient. In most cases, we come and resolve the problem within the same week.

    • Specialized mechanics

      Holland Scherming’s service department exclusively works with specialized personnel. These mechanics really know how to work with the screening systems of Holland Scherming.

    • 24/7 available

      Our service team is available 24/7 for maintenance or a malfunction that can not wait.


    A request for service or maintenance can be reported by phone on +31174 516 180 or e-mail via