Holland Scherming – your reliable partner

About Holland Scherming

Holland Scherming is part of Holland Groep Westland, situated in Maasdijk at the gate of the Westland area. We are a modern and ambitious organisation, founded in 1987 and specialized in developing and installing screening systems. We serve end users and turn key projects in the greenhouse industry, garden centres, wholesale and constructors of customized buildings. Our projects vary in size and we operate on an international basis. Holland Scherming has helped defining quality standards for greenhouse screen systems. We can count ourselves proudly as one of the three largest screen installers in the world.

Mission statement

Holland Scherming wants to be the leading Dutch screen installer and provide the best solutions for their costumer’s challenges.

For each industry we serve, this is translated as follows:

Commercial greenhouse production
Offering screen systems that help to achieve the highest production yield per m2 at the lowest possible cost.

Turn key (resellers)
Besides the above, a carefree delivery and aftercare through thoughtful, efficient logistics services and installation support.

Garden centres and wholesale
Development and delivery of screen systems that provide the best possible performance in terms of climate control for plants and customers, ease of use, aesthetics and atmosphere.

Special building projects
Development and delivery of screen systems that provide the best possible performance in terms of climate control, ease of use, aesthetics and costs.


Holland Scherming would like their clients still to be satisfied with their screen system in 10 years time. We also want to make an essential contribution to achieving our clients’ objectives.

In short: we would like to build a longterm relationship with our customers.

In our offer, this sustainable relationship is what it’s all about. As a whole, this results in the service we offer our customers: a long term carefree screening solution.


Holland Scherming would like to maintain and extend its leading position as a Dutch greenhouse screening installer and distinguishes itself in the following ways its competitors:

  • Our advice is normative, our sales advisors are well trained and have, besides (indispensable) product knowledge, a good expertise of the client’s industry through training, background or experience and are thus a distinctive and credible interlocutor.
  • Technically, our products can compete in the market or are the best available on the market, by using the best components, thorough preparation, competent project management and professional installation.
  • Holland Scherming focuses on product innovations that lead to a better quality, lower cost, a fault-free product, or a shorter disassembly or assembly time.
  • Mounting, service and renovation of our systems is done by our inhouse skilled installation team or selected, qualified subcontractors.
  • Holland Scherming is a financially sound company which gives our clients certainty regarding future product support.
  • Holland Scherming has the physical infrastructure at its disposal to stock enough parts for our clients to count on a fast delivery.
  • Project management, after-sales and service has been increased in capacity, and easily accessible to customers. We strive for a long term relationship with our clients instead of a customer-supplier relationship.
  • The employees of Holland Scherming work and present themselves as a team, the organization is transparent and accessible.
  • We are customer-oriented, innovative, quality-driven, reliable and fair. Our environment, including customers and suppliers, see our added value and appreciate it.