Chinese students updated on greenhouse screening

On 15 April 2016, a group of 15 Chinese students visited Holland Scherming’s production facilities in Maasdijk. The students were offered a short explanation on greenhouse screening techniques and the types of screen material. Sister company Holland Gaas and Glascom and Alumat Zeeman, also located in the same building, presented their products and services as well.

After the presentations, the group of students took a tour through the various production departments of Holland Scherming, Holland Gaas and Alumat Zeeman.

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The tour started at the production of insect netting. Holland Gaas manufactures insect netting systems for keeping harmful insects out, or keeping beneficial insects in, for instance for pollination.

Next, Peter Rense of Holland Scherming demonstrated the working of a screening installation.

At the end of the tour, Bert Strikkers of Alumat Zeeman showed some machinery and examples of products that are used for constructing greenhouse screening and ventilation systems.