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Why it’s worth to replace greenhouse screens on time

Often, growers wait far too long to replace their greenhouse screens. Understandable, since it’s a major investment. However, changing your greenhouse screens on time offers many advantages, which are often noticeable in the very short term. We name the four most interesting advantages.

Higher energy savings

The most important reason to replace screen material on time, is energy saving. The horticulture industry is very innovative, and producers of screen material keep on developing as well. Therefore, the fabric of new screens has better energy saving aspects than the types of screen material that were available 5 to 10 years ago.

Better light output

New screen material is free of dust and dirt and therefore clearer. This results in a better light output when the screens are closed. This is especially important with energy screens. The screens can stay closed for a long period, which will benefit the light output. Recently, a Dutch grower found out what difference new greenhouse screens can make: compared to the old screens that were installed 10 years ago, the new screens delivered 40 PAR more light (of the 80 PAR needed).


We help avoiding fines related to light pollution

From September till April, the Netherlands and Belgium experience a light restriction period. In the Dutch Westland, but also in other areas and countries,  greenhouses are strictly monitored for compliance with the rules regarding exposed crops. Make sure both horizontal and roller screen installations are in good shape. In that case, there’s no need to worry about the rules that apply to light emission.

Flame retardant properties

Since 1 January 2017, Dutch insurance company Achmea Agro demands flame retardant screens and foil in Dutch greenhouses. As per 1 January 2010, they only accept companies that have flame retardant screen material installed. Other insurance companies set the same requirements. All screen material installed by Holland Scherming, are applicable to the NTA 8825 standard that is used by insurance companies.

Do an inventory now, replace during less hectic periods

Of course you´re not waiting for your screens to be replaced at the peak of your production. However, it is wise to think ahead. Only then, before your next production cycle starts, you will have a screen installation in optimal condition. A first good step is an inventory of the work that needs to be done. So make an appointment now with one of our sales consultants for a free inventory.

Again, Boem Berry Farms Canada chooses Holland Scherming’s Smart Skate System

After a succesful project in 2016, again Boem Berry Farms in Canada chooses Holland Scherming’s Smart Skate System for their second greenhouse project.

Come celebrate our 30th anniversary on IPM and join our contest to win an iPAD mini

In 2017, Holland Scherming celebrates her 30th anniversary. We will celebrate this at IPM, so come to booth 3C23 and win an iPAD mini!

Urban farming: greenhouse on roof hotel Amstelkwartier

Hotel Amstelkwartier in aanbouw, urban farming, met op het dak een tuinbouwkasIn Amsterdam, a special urban farming project is created. On the 22nd floor (at a height of 77 meters) of the sustainable, luxurious Hotel Amstelkwartier, Havecon is building a greenhouse. This greenhouse will host the vegetables the will be served in the hotel’s restaurant. Hotel Amstelkwartier was designed by Paul de Ruiter Architecten. “It’s an innovative design that will close the four cycles of energy, waste, water and use of resources as much as possible.”

The sustainable greenhouse that is built by Havecon & Partners on the roof of Hotel Amstelkwartier, meets the original idea of the hotel owners: creating a living building where the four cycles of energy, water, waste and resourses are adjusted to each other as well as possible, writes Dutch hortiwebsite Groentennieuws.

Urban farming

This horticultural project in Amsterdam is not unique. Growing vegetables and keeping animals in cities is trending. This trend of urban agriculture is also known as Urban Farming. The beginning of 2016, a large greenhouse was built on an office building in Den Haag as well. 

Reducing light emission and saving energy

Holland Scherming was responsible for developing and mounting the screening installation, that contains several sustainable features. Because of the artificial led lighting that is used to grow the vegetables, light emission should be restricted during the winter months (September till April). To prevent light emission at night, an assimilation screen is installed. Besides that, the installation holds an energy screen as well, to prevent warmth from escaping through the glass roof.  At the same time, this climate screen lets enough sunlight into the greenhouse to illuminate the vegetables.




Holland Scherming expands capacity

Dutch installer of greenhouse screens Holland Scherming is doing really well. The company celebrates their 30th anniversary in 2017 and looks at the future with great confidence. To continue providing the service the clients of Holland Scherming are used to in the near future, the company will expand their capacity over the next few months.

WOW: World of Westland, international knowledge centre for horticulture

On 13 September 2016, construction of WOW, the new international knowledge centre for horticulture, was initiated. Student symbolically traced the surroundings of the new WOW-building with ribbons. Together with approx. 200 other invitees, Holland Scherming attended this festive ceremony.

DNI Ogrodnika – XVIII Gardeners Days Poland – 10 & 11 september

On 10 and 11 September 2016, the 18th edition of DNI Ogrodnika – Gardeners Days in Poland will be held in Gołuchów, Poland. Like the past few years, Holland Scherming will attend this fair by presence at the booth of Polish partner Jaksa. This year we will present our latest innovation – the triple S Smart Skate system.

For more information, please visit the official site of DNI Ogrodnika.

dni ogrodnika gardeners days 2016


Chinese students updated on greenhouse screening

On 15 April 2016, a group of 15 Chinese students took a tour at the production location of Holland Scherming to learn about greenhouse screening