Quality assurance

    A screen system has become an indispensable part of professional greenhouses. It is a significant investment, therefore you want to know if the quality of the system meets your requirements. A long service life is of great importance as well. You as a grower, want to maximize results without unpleasant surprises.
    Holland Scherming quarantees high quality screen systems. Our starting point is a screen system with a long service life. This might come with a higher initial investment, but it will give less loss of parts on the long term. At normal load and with regular preventive maintenance, our systems can certainly last 10 to 15 years.

    Quality aspects

    • Inhouse production

      Holland Scherming has its own inhouse production department with skilled workers. They know the high quality standard to which screen systems must comply to these days.

    • Leading suppliers

      Our suppliers know what quality is. The screen fabric, system parts and motors that we purchase are certified and extensively tested.

    • Expert team

      Since their foundation in 1987, Holland Scherming has built on a team of experts. They take care of good quality control at purchase, sales, installation and export.

    • Quality standard

      Holland Scherming is one of the founders of the new ISSO standard for screen systems. We already set this standard for all our own deliveries.

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