Installation of greenhouse screening

    We send specialized teams to install the screen system for your projects all over the world. The teams use modern, safe and equipment that was specially designed for installing screen systems.
    If you prefer, you can choose to use your own installation team, under supervision of Holland Scherming. In all cases, a project manager ensures permanent guidance of your project. This project manager is your first contact and will, if desired, attend construction meetings.

    After delivering your project, you can keep counting on our services.

    For the installation of systems, we extend our own team with a permanent group of subcontractors. These contractors know the systems and methods of Holland Scherming. Therefore they can install our screen systems with the same expertise as our own installation team.

    Our own installation team

    • Specialized staff

      We only work with specialized staff at Holland Scherming’s installation team. Most of our installers were trained inhouse. Therefore they have extensive experience with the screen systems of Holland Scherming.

    • Project management

      Supervisors of Holland Scherming ensure a smooth management of your project. They manage local installation teams, while they are aware of local regulations regarding labor conditions and safety.

    • Schooling and certification

      Holland Scherming’s installation team uses modern tools and techniques. Regularly, they get refresher courseson technique and labor safety. All our specialists own a VCA certificate, a Dutch standard for labor safety.

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