Export of greenhouse screen systems

    Holland Scherming exports greenhouse screen systems to customers in all parts of the world. Through extensive international experience, correct export documents are provided on all our deliveries. Therefore, we guarantee you a hassle-free delivery without delay or additional costs. Holland Screening can send an installation team with the right equipment to the construction site as well. We ensure that our people have the proper permits for the country concerned. In a number of countries, we also work with well-established local assembly teams who know our screen systems. Do you prefer to choose your own installation company? Our supervisor ensures good project management. Our deliveries are provided with clear instructions, making assembly as effortless as possible.

    Why export by Holland Scherming?

    • Detailed installation instructions

      Holland Scherming delivers their screen systems with detailed installation instructions.

    • Specialized assembly team

      Knowledgeable people with work permits, supervisors and specialized equipment travel along for on site installation.

    • Export documents included

      All international deliveries of Holland Scherming include the right export documents in the appropriate language. Therefore we deliver without delay to the final destination.

    • CE marking

      When desired, our system will be delivered under CE marking.

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