Assimilating screening installations

In the Netherlands and neighboring countries, the requirements for light emission (by assimilation lamps) are established in law. It is easy to meet these requirements as a grower, simply by installing assimilation screens. Holland Scherming offers an assortment of screen fabrics with 85% to 99% light interception (depending on the density of the fabric). Acurate installation of the screening is very important: a perfect seal between facade and horizontal screens in this case is essential.

Advantages assimilation screens

  • Minimal light emission

    Depending on the type of assimilation fabric, you can reach a light emission of less than 0,5%.

  • Increasing light intensity

    Ofcourse you want to optimize your greenhouse lighting for the benefit of your crops. By installing assimilation screens, the light intensity within the greenhouse is increased.

  • Prevents unwanted warming

    The assimilation screen’s  open structure  in combination with good ventilation helps to get rid of unwanted moisture and warmth.

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