Boem Berry Farms Canada chooses Holland Scherming Smart Skate System for second project

In 2016, Holland Scherming introduced their new screen inserting system: Smart Skate System (‘Triple S’). After a number of succesful tests in The Netherlands, the system was installed in the new greenhouses of strawberry growers Boem Berry Farms in Canada. And with success: in the high strawberry greenhouses, the Smart Skate system made it possible to install greenhouse screens quickly but safe.

Second project with Smart Skate System

The owners of Boem Berry Farms were pleased with Holland Scherming’s screen inserting system. This is why they decided to choose this system again for their second greenhouse project. 

Besides the Smart Skate System, the 5Ha greenhouse screens in the Canadian strawberry greenhouse are also equipped with our special ‘Smart Spring’, to minimize the screen package. This guarantees a maximum amount of light while screens are opened.

Holland Scherming created a short promotional video of the Smart Skate System, which shows images of the installation at Boem Berry Farms: