Shading halls

Abri or shading cloth is usually applied in the outdore sales department of your garden centre. On hot or rainy days, you can extend the ideal season for shopping outdoor plants by using a movable screening installation. You can create pleasant shopping conditions that will invite your customers to come to your outdoor sales department. A shading hall with abri screen cloth can be combined with a corridor. Together with your greenhouse installer we can design beautiful solutions. The cloth that is used outdoors is of a heavier quality with a high UV resistance.

Advantages abri screen cloth

  • Protective in differente weather circumstances

    Shading cloth gives quick shelter from sun, rain, wind or other weathering.

  • High UV resistance

    Compared to indoor screens, outdoor screens suffers more from weather circumstances. Therefore, outdore shading cloth is made of a heavier quality with a high UV resistance.

  • Extending seasons

    Abri or shading cloth, when installed as a movable outdoor screening installation, helps creating pleasant shopping circumstances at your outside sales department.

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