Holland Scherming installs new assimilation screens at Rimato

It is mid September and Holland Scherming is about to finish installing new blackout screens at Dutch tomato grower Rimato in Honselersdijk. As per 1 October, they switch to year-round cultivation with assimilation lights.

Kees Robbemond starts as a calculator at Holland Scherming

As per 15 September 2015, Kees Robbemond starts as a calculator at Holland Scherming. In this new job, he will provide assistence to the sales department. Kees has gained a lot of experience in horticulture from working in the insurance field and from technical perspective, while working as a calculator at Maasmond (now Horticoop). With the arrival of Kees Robbemond, the sales team of Holland Scherming is strengthened further more and therefore we will be able to respond more adequately to the needs of our customers .

Would you like to get to know Kees (or congratulate him on his new job!)? He can be reached at c.robbemond@hollandscherming.nl.