Congratulations Jutta!

As a proud sponsor we would like to give our warmest congratulations to Jutta Leerdam!

Come celebrate our 30th anniversary on IPM and join our contest to win an iPAD mini

In 2017, Holland Scherming celebrates her 30th anniversary. We will celebrate this at IPM, so come to booth 3C23 and win an iPAD mini!

DNI Ogrodnika – XVIII Gardeners Days Poland – 10 & 11 september

On 10 and 11 September 2016, the 18th edition of DNI Ogrodnika – Gardeners Days in Poland will be held in Gołuchów, Poland. Like the past few years, Holland Scherming will attend this fair by presence at the booth of Polish partner Jaksa. This year we will present our latest innovation – the triple S Smart Skate system.

For more information, please visit the official site of DNI Ogrodnika.

dni ogrodnika gardeners days 2016


Holland Scherming introduces new screen inserting system

Holland Scherming proudly presents their new screen inserting system, Triple S Smart Skate System, which can pull in or change screen material in a quick and safe way.

High energy savings with the use of super-insulation screens: Kas als Energiebron

Wageningen University (WUR) published a new report on greenhouse screening. WUR has done research on the use of high insulation screens at cucumber cultivation. The test results are very promising; in comparison to a normal greenhouse with a single energy screen, 44% less energy was used to heat the greenhouse from January till May. As an installer of greenhouse screening, Holland Scherming notices a growing demand for double greenhouse screening. More and more growers discover the advantages of the new cultivation (HNT) and adapt their greenhouse screening systems.


Research abstract

In 2014 a greenhouse experiment was executed with a high-wire cucumber crop to measure the impact of a multiple layer system of energy screens. The screen systems that have been tested were: • 2 layers of aluminized cloth with a 5 cm cavity operated by a single sliding system closed all night. • 1 layer of high transparency, non-porous PVDF film on a second sliding system, closed all night and when heating was required, usually below an outside radiation level of 150-200 W/m2. • 1 layer of perforated transparent PE film, mounted alongside the double screen, closing as soon as the double screen opened and opening above an outside radiation level of 100-150 W/m2 to reduce the PAR light losses. The result was a 44% reduction in heating energy in the period of January to May compared to a glasshouse with a single energy screen. Production and product quality were comparable. The intense use of screens influenced the greenhouse climate. Plant temperature remained high because the radiation losses were limited. Since the opening and closing of the screens were very gradual, no shocks in plant temperature or vapour deficit occurred. This greatly reduces the risk of condensation on the leaves leading to botrytis or to a sudden drop in transpiration leading to plant cell damages. This test shows the positive effects of a highly insulated greenhouse and the chances to regain sensible and latent heat comprised in the ventilation losses of transpiration.


Messe: XVII Gardener’s Days Goluchow, Poland

On 12 and 13 September 2015, the 17th edition of Gardener’s Days is held in Goluchow, Poland.  Like in 2014, Holland Scherming and Holland Gaas will be present at the booth of our partner Jaksa Nowe Technologie. Gardener´s Days is the leading Polish horticultural fair and focuses on growers of vegetables and ornamentals (both in greenhouses and in open field), fruit and berry growers and nurseries. During this exhibition, over 200 international leading companies will present the latest innovations and products for the horticultural and agricultural industries. Holland Scherming will demonstrate their latest screening innovations.


stand Jaksa Gardeners' Days Goluchow 2014

XVII Gardener’s Days
12 & 13 September 2015

Comfortable working environment with sun screens in atrium

With the upcoming summer, spaces under glass roofs can be pretty hot. This is why Holland Scherming starts installing a shading system in the atrium of the Zeist city hall this week. The new shading will provide an even better working environment for the employees and visitors of the city hall.

Holland Scherming locally represented in Canada

Holland-Screening-Canada-2015 For years, Holland Scherming has been involved in international turn key greenhouse projects. Recently we started co-operating with Antonio J. Gomez of Greenhouse Depot, who is our official local representative for Canada. With the knowledge the Greenhouse Depot has on local greenhouse production, Holland Scherming can  meet the needs and demands for screen installations in Canada even better. Would you like more information on Greenhouse Depot or other international partners of Holland Scherming?

Please visit our contact page for further details.